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It’s Time to Evolve to the IoT, and You’d Better Come Along

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The IoT has been developing in the shadows and growing toward the light for years now (and I’m sure we could all have quite a fun argument about how many years), but it’s time to grow up. The IoT needs to come out of its infancy and become an adult. It needs to evolve from […]

Are you secure? Is your IoT solution safe?

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Probably not. Look, security is one of many huge issues under discussion in the industry. The difference is that this one has the potential to make the whole thing untenable. There haven’t been any major breaches yet, but the state of the security standards (or lack thereof) is such that it’s only a matter of […]

IoT Evolution Expo Blog is Here: Come and Join Us.

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Hello, folks. Welcome to the IoT Evolution Expo Blog. I’m Ken Briodagh, editorial director for IoT Evolution, and I’ll be your host and emcee as we accelerate toward the Expo in August. Here on the blog, I’ll be bringing you breaking news about the Expo, insider info on speakers and sessions and anything else I […]