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Verizon’s Hands-on Workshop at IoT Evolution

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When it comes to IoT, the developer community needs the carrier to help mask the complexity.  Verizon is offering a hands on workshop at IoT Evolution on Monday January 22nd that will enable developers to take advantage of the network interfaces specifically designed for IoT. 4G LTE Cat-M1 as a standard matches the requirements for […]

Virtual Reality is Going to Be WiGig

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I don’t know about you, but my Wi-Fi service is having problems keeping up with my 4K TV, my family’s laptops, etc. But the Wi-Fi Alliance has embraced the 60 GHz WiGig standard as a solution for devices in the home that could change this, with its wireless data throughput speeds that can reach up […]

Telit: The Top Stack in the DNA of Platforms for Parkeon and Weatherford

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I have written about Intel providing device management. Then I wrote about Wind River’s providing network connectivity. Now comes the hard part. Hitting for a triple. Well in this case it’s not difficult, because Telit is providing the application layer support. As Telit, says their platform allows developers to not focus on the infrastructure, but […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good People in Business

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Recently some friends lost their jobs in what I would call purges. Like Russian history these purges have more to do with being on the wrong side of a power play at the top. Promises are made to find synergy and grow revenue at the top. The next thing the people underneath the losers in […]

Altizon Enables IoT Even when the Lights Are Out!

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If anyone has seen the pictures of people stealing power in India, the fact that Prayas wanted to use IoT to monitor the grid seems counter intuitive. I would have expected the utilities to monitor power not the end users. However, Prayas is a Non-Governmental Organization focused on monitoring and improving the quality of power […]

How to Think About Broadcom’s Qualcomm acquisition

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Broadcom has always been an interesting company to watch and sometimes it has been frustrating. Most of its IoT applicable assets it sold off in the past, and some have suggested that IoT is behind the rationale for acquiring Qualcomm. That may have some truth, but there is more that should be considered here. The […]


IoT Evolution Launches YouTube Channel

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The IoT Evolution Brand brings multi-media IoT-focused video content to YouTube, including video episodes of IoT Time Podcast. Hello, folks. Welcome to the next evolution of IoT Evolution. In pursuit of our vision of bringing you, our IoT professional friends and readers, the most important news and commentary in the IoT industry, we have launched […]