The Power of an Event

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In my previous gig, I was the editor of a publication that covered the event marketing industry and in my more than five years immersed in the world of marketing, events and tradeshows every single bit of research and reporting I did on the subject pointed toward one truth: the power of an event is in the community it builds. Not just during the event, although that counts for a lot, but before and after it, all year long.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about the IoT Evolution Expo, in addition to geeking out about the tech, is that there is a real IoT community here and as far as I can tell, there isn’t another one like it anywhere. That’s because you folks out there in the trenches, building and selling the IoT itself have a passion for what you do and see how important it is for the future.

Of course (gentle pandering aside), you’d still have that passion even without an event like IoT Evolution Expo, so what makes this different I wonder?

Perhaps the answer is that no other IoT event in the world has the support of an editorial outlet like IoT Evolution World. There, we try to sift through the fluff and hyperbole and serve up the real news, best practices and trends that you need to know to do your business. That diligence translates to our content at the Expo, of course, but it also puts us in the unique position of needing our hundreds of thousands of readers each month to tell us what matters to you.

And you do. And for that I’m grateful, because it means we’re all pulling our oars in the same direction. We’re working together to build a better IoT, learn as much as we can and, yes, make some money while we’re at it. We’re on the same team.

We’re a community.

That’s what makes this event powerful, influential and unique. Yes, we have insights and content you can’t get anywhere else, but that’s because you brought it to us. Sure, we have technology at the bleeding edge of the industry that you haven’t seen yet, or don’t know how t integrate into your business yet, but that’s only because one of you invented it and asked if we wanted to share it. Yes, we have experts helping you build strategy for development that you won’t get access to anywhere else, but that’s only because they know that you will be there, too. And they need to be part of our community too.

I’m really looking forward to meeting a few thousand of you in Las Vegas. I want to talk about technology and geek out together. I want to tell your stories and share your insights. I want to party with you.

We’re a community and I need you to help me keep building it. Get involved. Drop me an email. Take the plunge and get a booth or a spot on the demo stage. Talk to Matt. The first step is to show up. Register today.

I’ll see you at Caesars. First round is on Carl Ford.

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