When IoT Track & Trace leaves the Internet behind (Temporarily)

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For many wireless networks the concept of putting an IP address out at the device is overkill.  The goal should be connectivity as an endpoint and not necessarily to provide an IP addressable end point.

GeoTraq working with Sequans (NYSE:SQNS) have “wrapped into one simple, all-inclusive, IoT solution…for a new series of GeoTraq modules targeting [Global] LTE for IoT markets.”

The new GeoTraq NB-400 series of IoT modules uses Seqauns Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT solution for non-IP data delivery (NIDD).

This makes the “routing” the more efficient and increases speed.  It also makes it less available to IP Security hacks.  It also supports eSiM solutions which makes global distribute easier of track and trace applications.

The module is also “in an ultra-small form factor of 12 by 16 mm that includes connectors for sensor, battery, and antenna” and includes, “low power positioning technology, delivering highly accurate indoor and outdoor positioning using only the LTE radio, thereby eliminating the cost and complexity of having to add GNSS or other radios.”

In other words this is designed to meet price points and requirements for the kind of IoT solutons that are price conscious.  This comes at a time when the migration to 5G is adding costs to most to the overall consumer market.

As said by in the press release Gregg Sullivan, chief executive officer, GeoTraq. “As a company focused on delivering ROI to our customers through simple cellular IoT solutions that can be deployed with seamless global coverage for one low price, we found what we were looking for in Sequans’ Monarch technology.”

“GeoTraq is delivering [to 193+ countries] the creative solutions the IoT industry needs,” said Danny Kedar, VP of Sequans’ IoT business unit. “GeoTraq’s NB-400 modules offer a low-cost solution with a data plan that is ideally suited for sensor-based applications.”

In this case, my bottom line is the bottom line.

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