Putting Fog Computing to the Test Bed

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Yesterday, the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC) and the OpenFog Consortium® (OpenFog) announced that they have agreed to join forces.

Whether you call it Fog or Edge and something else, the issues are the same.  As IoT get deployed more widely the processing has to move from the cloud or data center to some where near the devices. For some of these points it can be at the device itself, but in many cases the aggregation point meets the requirement of delivering actionable information in real – time. This enables better analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

When OFC built the framework that was approved by the IEEE as a standard (i.e. 1934), the next step was to develop test beds that would implement and learn how to implement Fog Comptuing.

“The combined memberships will continue to drive the momentum of the Industrial Internet including the development and promotion of industry guidance and best practices for fog and edge computing. The organizations expect the details to be finalized in early 2019.”

Bill Hoffman pointed out that the combination represents “the single largest organization focused on IIoT, AI, fog and edge computing in the world. Between both of our organizations we have a remarkable global presence with members in more than 30 countries.”

At IoT Evolution we have many of the thought leaders from the groups looking at the future and guiding us to the Edge. I suggest you join us before you fall behind.

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