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SQUAN Bringing Order to the Wild Field of Dreams for Smart Cities

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I spoke with Keith Pennachio, EVP of SQUAN, about the issues facing Smart City development and it was not surprising that many of the challenges are associated with magic thinking.  Everyone wants their own gigabit connection, while not wanting the infrastructure in their own back yard.  Fortunately, SQUAN has a portfolio of strategies that make […]

A Combination of Circumstances: Comba Telecom & In-Building Coverage

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It’s hard to get a handle on how network operators are going to convince building operators to deploy in building coverage – will they suggest small cells, or will they suggest a DAS (Distributed Antenna System)? Mind you in some countries like South Korea, dominated by one operator, a network equipment manufacturer and a cooperative […]

You have to be Agile with Today’s First Responder’s Legacy

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I recently attended the International Wireless Communications Expo [IWCE] event and was impressed with the commitment to adopt FirstNet, by the vendor community. However, the reality is that law enforcement, fire and rescue and other first responders have a lot of legacy. It is not going to be a flash – cut, particularly given concerns […]

Getting the Fix on Fixed Wireless Triple Play

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As MWC draws to a close the hype for 5G continues, if I wanted to I could write about 5G announcements from Mobile World Congress until July. It was refreshing then to hear from Steve Collins the CTO of NetComm Wireless about how they are expanding their 4G capability products. The company has just launchedthe […]

Customer Care Means Listening Not Measuring

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Customer Care is like fishing. You can measure your success on sheer volume, but the party on the other end of the line may not feel the same way. NTT DATA Services recently conducted a survey and about how companies manage automated solutions in customer service. At a high level the results are 80% of […]

Elon Musk is Boring Company!

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  How about I start by pointing out something less than obvious. Regulation on existing legacy systems makes it hard for innovation on current technologies. High Speed Rail in Europe and Asia was looked at and modified to fit into existing US models with Amtrak’s Metroliner. At the end of the day the “high speed” […]

Verizon’s Hands-on Workshop at IoT Evolution

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When it comes to IoT, the developer community needs the carrier to help mask the complexity.  Verizon is offering a hands on workshop at IoT Evolution on Monday January 22nd that will enable developers to take advantage of the network interfaces specifically designed for IoT. 4G LTE Cat-M1 as a standard matches the requirements for […]

Virtual Reality is Going to Be WiGig

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I don’t know about you, but my Wi-Fi service is having problems keeping up with my 4K TV, my family’s laptops, etc. But the Wi-Fi Alliance has embraced the 60 GHz WiGig standard as a solution for devices in the home that could change this, with its wireless data throughput speeds that can reach up […]

Telit: The Top Stack in the DNA of Platforms for Parkeon and Weatherford

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I have written about Intel providing device management. Then I wrote about Wind River’s providing network connectivity. Now comes the hard part. Hitting for a triple. Well in this case it’s not difficult, because Telit is providing the application layer support. As Telit, says their platform allows developers to not focus on the infrastructure, but […]