IIoT Time: Get educated and Get Advantage

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The IoT is made up of two distinct ecosystems: the Consumer (CIoT) and the Industrial (IIoT). Like any two adjacent systems, they inform one another, borrow and steal ideas and depend on one another for innovation, but they require different strategies and have discrete ideal outcomes. Consumer gadgets get all the hype and glory, but the IIoT has a much greater potential for transforming the world we live in for the better by transforming manufacturing, ecology, energy and supply chain infrastructure.

At the IoT Evolution Expo, we recognize this critical sector of the industry and have designed a special content track to help delegates step ever closer to the ultimate expression of IIoT strategy. These sessions will help attendees discover how remote monitoring and management systems impact security solutions; show them how enterprises can leverage the power of the IoT to manage supply chain and distribution; learn how to manage reconfiguration, penetration, detection and protection; and find out how to deliver manufacturing solutions that optimize information for production.

The session schedule will keep you busy and send you home with enough to revolutionize your business for the modern IIoT. They are:

Tuesday July 12
1 p.m.: Architecting Headroom for the Future: Assessing Processor Options and Getting Started
2 p.m.: Industrial IoT:  The Factory Floor Future!
3 p.m.: Remote Monitoring and Management

Wednesday July 13
3 p.m.: Industry 4.0: IoT and Manufacturing
3 p.m.: Let There Be Light in Industry
4 p.m.: Industrial IoT Strategies

Thursday July 14
9 a.m.: The Drudge Report: Maintaining IoT Success
10 a.m.: Compelling Compliance: Finding the ROI in Adherence
For more information on the IIoT program, click here. To register for the IoT Evolution Expo, click here.

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