Trust me, I’m a doctor.

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In professional development, it’s all about trust. Can you trust that the leaders of your seminars are really the right people to guide your continuing education and the strategy for your company?

Well, since anyone can lie about quantity and quality of experience, one positive way to vet an instructor is to look to their educations. At least, that’s how we feel when we’re building the faculty for the IoT Evolution Expo, coming up July 11 to 14 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. That’s why we go out of our way to invite industry folks who pair years of experience with doctorates in technology and engineering to join our speaker’s bureau and impart their knowledge on to you. Here are some of our luminaries for the upcoming conference:

Keynote Session: Disruption Means Jobs! The Impact of IoT for Operations, Marketing and IT
Speaker: Dr. Sudha Jamthe, IoT Professor at Stanford University
Description: IOT is disrupting our world with wearables, connected cars, connected home, connected cities and industrial IOT. IoT empowers you with the opportunities, gap, and areas of job growth in the rapidly expanding world of IOT. New products, new company, new use cases for existing products turning into services are all possible. Learn what lies ahead.

Roundtable Session: Remote Monitoring and Management
Speakers: Dr. Richard Scott, Ontegrity
Stacy Cannady, Trusted Computing Group
Ken Connor, Kore Telematics
Sam Lucero (Moderator), IHS Technology
Description: Controlling devices remotely is often talked about without discussing security. However maintaining access to systems creates opportunities for management policies to be enacted and enforced. This panel discusses how remote monitoring and management systems impact security solutions.

Sessions: Introduction to IoT Analytics — Historical and Real-time Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics; and Advanced IoT Analytics — Predictive, Prescriptive, and Machine Learning
Speaker: Dr. Dale Skeen, Vitria Technology
Description: Intro: When companies gather Big Data they are gathering information for analytical analysis. The categorization of data is useful for understanding how data becomes relevant data. This session looks at how historical data is gathered and how real-time data is used. Advanced: This session looks at how analytics gathers information for from people to machines to make decisions. Hear how data is used to provide predictive forecasts and prescriptive diagnostics. In addition this session discusses how machine learning interacts with the data provided.

I hope we see you in Vegas, complete with cap and gown. The doctor is in.