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The Time is Now for Smart City Planning

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We’ve got a big year coming in the IoT, don’t we? Lots of folks are making lots of big predictions, and we’ll be joining in, about what the next 12 months will mean for our developing industry. Source: The Time is Now for Smart City Planning

Americans Want Automated Lives, Survey Says, and Light Sabers

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In case you’re not a geek, or living in the Atacama Desert with no outside contact (how are you reading this?), Star Wars is coming out. And because it is apparently more awesome than everyone else, myDevices, an IoT solutions company, has conducted a survey with Harris Poll of more than 2,000 U.S. adults to […]

Can A Smarter Gun Prevent A Massacre? | Popular Science

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It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? It’s pretty well accepted that IoT devices often make life easier and simpler. Sometimes, in the case of security systems and driver aid in smart vehicles, it can make them safer. But can IoT technology save lives, protect people and prevent tragedies? It looks like it can, and could have […]