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When IoT Track & Trace leaves the Internet behind (Temporarily)

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For many wireless networks the concept of putting an IP address out at the device is overkill.  The goal should be connectivity as an endpoint and not necessarily to provide an IP addressable end point. GeoTraq working with Sequans (NYSE:SQNS) have “wrapped into one simple, all-inclusive, IoT solution…for a new series of GeoTraq modules targeting […]

Putting Fog Computing to the Test Bed

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Yesterday, the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC) and the OpenFog Consortium® (OpenFog) announced that they have agreed to join forces. Whether you call it Fog or Edge and something else, the issues are the same.  As IoT get deployed more widely the processing has to move from the cloud or data center to some where near […]

IoT Saves Monies in Turbulent Times

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I have been watching the stock market act like the cyclone at Coney Island.  For many this is a time to preserve capital.   This sounds like a job for IoT. Particularly in the two ways IoT can be used to save money. The first is in enabling efficiency.  No surprise there.   I have listened to […]

Processing the Impact of Qualcomm

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Qualcomm is known for its role in smart phones, but for IoT not many people understand their role in supporting everything from asset tracking to wearables. Qualcomm’s release of the 9205 chip is a reduction in size to half of the 9206 chip and reduces power consumption by 70%.  As for processing it supports increased security […]

Where is the Breach and What do “They” Want?

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While I hear a lot of concern about the security of the Internet of Things, I am convinced the Internet of things is not the honey pot.  Personal information is the primary goal. The recent hacking and extortion of Uber is a case in point. They were not looking to steal rides, but to steal […]

Puerto Rico: Self EmPOWERed with Micro Grids

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It’s embarrassing how much need there is in the world and particularly when the need seems to be overwhelming. I received a call from Bradley Hook, VP of the Startup Societies Foundation about a Conference they are running on behalf of the Foundation for Puerto Rico on January 19th and 20th at Georgetown. Puerto Rico’s […]

Blackbox Delivering the Intelligence on the Edge

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To most of us, Primary Research is better than secondary research and getting information right from the source is the preferred choice. When it comes IoT, the drive to cloud seems to ignore this principle. Blackbox has done some primary research about how enterprises are viewing digital transformation and they have revealed that 60% of […]

Mergers Cannot Be Automatic: Emerson Seeks Rockwell

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  When it comes to the Industrial Internet the critical path to success is often is at the PLC or industrial Controls. Emerson has taken Digital Transformation to heart and per the website Has boldly transformed itself to create value for our customers and shareholders. With our newly energized focus on our two core business […]

GE: Third Place is No Place to be in IoT

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John Flannery the new CEO of GE has a bit of a mess on his hands.  Jeff Immelt departure came at a time when many of the companies ventures were not performing up to the standards of GE’s history. Under Jack Welch the rule was they would sell off whatever asset was not keeping them […]