Where is the Breach and What do “They” Want?

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While I hear a lot of concern about the security of the Internet of Things, I am convinced the Internet of things is not the honey pot.  Personal information is the primary goal. The recent hacking and extortion of Uber is a case in point. They were not looking to steal rides, but to steal credit card information.  And while the extortion worked, there is no guarantee that personal information has not been compromised.  Likewise with Equifax the goal was to gather private data.

Even when the Internet of Things is attacked locally, the goal is to find an entry point and rarely industrial sabotage.

Speaking with David Thomas, CEO of Evident ID, he suggests that personal information needs be verified anyway. Why maintain a record of personal information within your systems, when you can uses privileged credentials to maintain integrity.

Evident ID connects to a variety of sources both from government and private sector in order to provide current data to businesses.

This provides a time to market for companies looking to scale and needing to gather information from a variety of sources.

Using Evident API, companies can certify facts, maintain a token ID without storing the personal data.

As more and more companies face increasing costs to maintain security on their networks, masking the data by using Evident’s ID token reduces liability for the company and decreases the availability of valuable information to hackers.

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