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Blackbox Delivering the Intelligence on the Edge

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To most of us, Primary Research is better than secondary research and getting information right from the source is the preferred choice. When it comes IoT, the drive to cloud seems to ignore this principle. Blackbox has done some primary research about how enterprises are viewing digital transformation and they have revealed that 60% of […]

Augury: Machines Talk and Talk. Do People Listen?

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Sometime Big Data, should be labeled as Too Big Data, at least when it comes to human comprehension. One of the problems with IoT adoption is the fact that people get in the way of understanding their own results. In previous a previous survey by James Brehm and Associates in cooperation with IoT Evolution we […]

Mergers Cannot Be Automatic: Emerson Seeks Rockwell

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  When it comes to the Industrial Internet the critical path to success is often is at the PLC or industrial Controls. Emerson has taken Digital Transformation to heart and per the website Has boldly transformed itself to create value for our customers and shareholders. With our newly energized focus on our two core business […]

As Predicted: Qualcomm Rejects Broadcom’s Bid

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Last week I posted that Qualcomm would reject the Broadcom ovation, but that does not mean they are not in the market for suitors. The question is who is ideal for Qualcomm. The quick answer is that it has to be a US based company, although in this administration, that might not be as much of […]

Altizon Enables IoT Even when the Lights Are Out!

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If anyone has seen the pictures of people stealing power in India, the fact that Prayas wanted to use IoT to monitor the grid seems counter intuitive. I would have expected the utilities to monitor power not the end users. However, Prayas is a Non-Governmental Organization focused on monitoring and improving the quality of power […]

GE: Third Place is No Place to be in IoT

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John Flannery the new CEO of GE has a bit of a mess on his hands.  Jeff Immelt departure came at a time when many of the companies ventures were not performing up to the standards of GE’s history. Under Jack Welch the rule was they would sell off whatever asset was not keeping them […]