Augury: Machines Talk and Talk. Do People Listen?

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Sometime Big Data, should be labeled as Too Big Data, at least when it comes to human comprehension. One of the problems with IoT adoption is the fact that people get in the way of understanding their own results. In previous a previous survey by James Brehm and Associates in cooperation with IoT Evolution we discovered that many companies did not believe their own data. (If you want to participate in the next survey please take five minutes and visit here.)

Speaking with Saar Yoskovitz the CEO of Augury about Analytics we discussed the opportunity for machines to do the work. Anecdotally we talked about a near retirement engineer on an oilrig that was talking to his visiting management and he put his head to the pipe and says. It’s running great. The boss realized that this kind of knowledge was not transferable.

Augury does a lot of analytics based on machine learning and artificial intelligence that translates into predictive maintenance. One of the ways it does that is by having sensors that capture vibration, temperature and other data from the equipment. It may not have the ear, but it has the data.

The most recent announcement was about

“Augury Halo a continuous diagnostics platform for industrial and commercial facilities. Augury’s cloud-based, AI and machine learning diagnostics solution monitors mechanical equipment and predicts failures before they happen. The system’s ability to provide actionable insights from machine data leads to increased equipment life, improved machine reliability and more efficient operations. Augury Halo is already deployed at several Fortune 500 companies.”

The company uses a wide variety of sensors including magnetic, smart sensors, vibration, etc. This is dependent on the situation obviously, but it fits into the needs of companies involved with Cooling Systems, HVAC, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, and Water Treatment. Specifically relating to HVAC they are partnered with a few of the major players in the market.

The direct relationships to sensors allow their AI algorithms to provide insight without humans have to add interpretation. From their the diagnostics can be shared locally and predict repair issues. This changes the role of maintenance staff from running quarterly inspections by 30%. It also reduces breakdowns by 75% and energy consumption by 20%.

I would say that I predict a bright future for Augury, but I think I should leave that to the machines.

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