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Why IoT is Worth the IT Risk?

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A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies on behalf of the Wall Street Journal by Korn / Ferry International discovered that the average compensation for CIO’s has gone from 1.9M two years ago to 2.6M. However, the compensation at risk has gone up by 68%. If you have talked to CIO’s the risk reward strategy […]

Augury: Machines Talk and Talk. Do People Listen?

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Sometime Big Data, should be labeled as Too Big Data, at least when it comes to human comprehension. One of the problems with IoT adoption is the fact that people get in the way of understanding their own results. In previous a previous survey by James Brehm and Associates in cooperation with IoT Evolution we […]

Who is Helping Who? Human and AI Interaction

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If you believe the hype, you would think that AI is going to render all human kind out of jobs if not worse. I had the chance to speak with Praful Saklani the CEO and founder of Pramata, which uses AI to reduce the human effort with unstructured data. One place Pramata is used is on […]