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To most of us, Primary Research is better than secondary research and getting information right from the source is the preferred choice. When it comes IoT, the drive to cloud seems to ignore this principle.

Blackbox has done some primary research about how enterprises are viewing digital transformation and they have revealed that 60% of executives feel that they need to adapt to hyper connectivity , which is a nice way of saying that millenials are always-on the Net and expect full access to resources everywhere. In addition, the hockey stick indicated 20B devices will be added by 2022 or nearly 500K devices an hour.

Now comes the problem.

Turns out the enterprises have to spend 70% of the their time just keeping the company moving and that 85% of the companies don’t have systems in place that can keep with the change.

At the technical level, network and processing cannot be all things to all people. Even the cloud can end up with down time and constrained connectivity. So how does a company design and implement for the requirements of their customers, distributors, employees and suppliers.

All this points to the need to outsource integration services.

Doug Oathout, VP of Strategic Relationships pointed that Blackbox supports a variety of partners with integration services with 1100 technicians. Their technicians have experience with Smart Building, Healthcare, Retail and technologies include Bluetooth, Cellular & Wi-Fi, data collection management, location based services and unified communications.

One of the obstacles to success is getting the IoT implementations into scalable frameworks that include rapid development and deployment with analytics, monitoring and security planned for in advance.

They talk about implementations as an Intelligent Digital Edge, which is “the place where people and devices meet, where data is created and consumed, where applications are shared and where the magic of digital transformation happens.”

The team utilizes a great deal of open source solutions including tools for solutions at every level of the software stacks from Linux microservices to AI.

While companies are hiring technical teams internally, the overall trend is to blend Enterprise and outside resources to reduce expenses while transforming the company. It’s time then to go beyond the blackbox catalogue and investigate their services.

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