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At Intel It’s Not How Many Humans does it take to change a light bulb?

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It’s How many Lightbulbs Do You Want to Change at Once. I had the privilege to speak with Dipti Vachani, Vice President and General Manager of the IoT Group at Intel, about lightbulbs. Well actually about orchestration and the need to make IoT scalable. To illustrate the point though she used the issue of enabling […]

The High Priorities of Low Power Systems

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Let’s face facts, Using Cellular technology can get expensive fast. The old adage if it “ain’t broke don’t fix it” applies to those systems which are deployed throughout business.  if you are a company that plans to use IoT for critical pieces of alarming and monitoring systems that are idle a lot of the time, […]

IoT Project Management: Timing is everything with Liquid Planner

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I had a chance to talk to Liz Pearce the CEO of Liquid Planner last week under embargo for today’s news that they have partnered with P3 to do systems integration support and to “deliver project management software and accelerate deployments for manufacturing customers worldwide.” The conversation was about the need for dynamic tools that […]

Reality Check DIY with IoT Equals Instant Legacy

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Tomorrow we are holding a webinar with our friends at Telit about the issues facing companies implementing IoT. Thursday, August 24, 2017 2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST REGISTER! Let me start by saying that Telit has been one of the more enthusiastic proponents of enabling standards to be integrated into Service Providers with their […]

The Ups and Downs of Offshore Energy Harvesting

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Gulf Island Fabrication Inc. is turning its attention from Offshore Oil Rig and pivoting their resources to Offshore Wind Turbines per the Wall Street Journal’s Erin Ailworth She reported. “The Houston-based company—which recently built the foundations for the first U.S. offshore wind farm, near Rhode Island—is one of many oil-and-gas industry suppliers seeking to diversify […]

IoT Time Podcast: FreeWave Technologies

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In this episode of the IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Scott Allen, CMO, FreeWave Technologies, to talk about Edge Computing, the IIoT and the future of Predictive Analytics and Data Science. Also, Ken is very worried about statistics for some reason. This episode is sponsored by the IoT Evolution Expo. To become […]

IoT Evolution Launches YouTube Channel

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The IoT Evolution Brand brings multi-media IoT-focused video content to YouTube, including video episodes of IoT Time Podcast. Hello, folks. Welcome to the next evolution of IoT Evolution. In pursuit of our vision of bringing you, our IoT professional friends and readers, the most important news and commentary in the IoT industry, we have launched […]

IIoT Time: Get educated and Get Advantage

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The IoT is made up of two distinct ecosystems: the Consumer (CIoT) and the Industrial (IIoT). Like any two adjacent systems, they inform one another, borrow and steal ideas and depend on one another for innovation, but they require different strategies and have discrete ideal outcomes. Consumer gadgets get all the hype and glory, but […]