IoT Project Management: Timing is everything with Liquid Planner

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I had a chance to talk to Liz Pearce the CEO of Liquid Planner last week under embargo for today’s news that they have partnered with P3 to do systems integration support and to “deliver project management software and accelerate deployments for manufacturing customers worldwide.”

The conversation was about the need for dynamic tools that reflected the collaborative capabilities of today’s workforce.

While older project management software reflects the aggregation requirements and frustrations of the project manager having to input all the details to determine the critical path.

Liquid Planner is designed to take the collaborative capabilities to dynamically adjust and identify the critical path  of projects and more importantly on available resources.

“We know from our experience with manufacturers that they face project management challenges like no other sector, such as machine down time, constrained resources, and frequent re-prioritization,” said Dr. Samit Ghosh, President and CEO of P3 North America. “After evaluating several tools, it became clear that LiquidPlanner’s methodology best allows P3 professionals to integrate technology and expertise to help our clients advance their businesses through project management.”

Dr. Samit Ghosh quote from the press release reflects the fact that Liquid Planner is designed for large complex groups and while they say the target mid-tier its clears they are well designed for upper management following large scale efforts.

For IoT, it’s clear that any worldwide deployment is going to represent a dynamic complexity that faces the unique awareness of environments and team knowledge.

Embedded in the Liquid Planner software is the social collaboration that lets the team share their insights, delays and successes in a way that supports the workforce and the work effort.

In talking with Liz was quick to point out that companies are in a mix state of using Agile / Scrum, and Waterfall to manage projects.  A recent report on Project Management from Liquid Planner published bears this out.

As I think about what is happening with Security requirements and the need to retrofit IoT, I think project managers are going to be looking for ways to prioritize production while reducing risk.

Liquid Planner is well designed to support those dynamics.



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