The High Priorities of Low Power Systems

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Let’s face facts, Using Cellular technology can get expensive fast.

The old adage if it “ain’t broke don’t fix it” applies to those systems which are deployed throughout business.  if you are a company that plans to use IoT for critical pieces of alarming and monitoring systems that are idle a lot of the time, the monthly fees for cellular systems can look expensive, and may have range issues as well within your facilities.

This makes the use of Low Power Wide Area solutions an economical wise and technically feasible.

U-Blox is running a webinar about “Selecting Cellular Connectivity for Alarm Panels & Building Automation” on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 11:00am ET.

Alarm Panels are great examples of systems that are designed to be available but non intrusive. Often they are recessed into walls and hidden in smoked glass. Like wise building automation systems are above the rafters or down in the basement. Adding connectivity to many of these systems is about optimizing expenses, which can get eaten away by the connectivity charges.

For much of the IoT industry the use of heterogenous networks is a smart move and many systems on a chip are supporting multiple access methodologies.

“Join this webinar to learn how the adoption of cellular connectivity technology can add value to alarm systems, video surveillance, home automation, and intelligent sensors used in connected buildings. Find out how manufacturers of such devices can improve time to market and enrich the feature set by implementing innovative features from the newest generation of cellular connectivity modules.”

The in building systems are a ready market that can drive much of this adoption and in reality can address other market requirements as well such as hospitality and industrial.

I intend to be listening to Diego Grassi, Senior Manager Product Strategy Cellular, Industrial Market Development, u-blox as he explains what solutions are available today and tomorrow for IOT.


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