Fields Medal: Doing the Math on IoT Edge Devices

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It ain’t easy out in the field, is it? You know your work is the root of the IoT ecosystem, so the pressure is on. You know that your devices out at the edge are collecting all the data that makes the difference for your company – sometimes it’s a matter of pure competitive advantage, and sometimes it’s about protecting public health and safety, but it’s all mission-critical.

So, you build and deploy robust sensors, transmitters and receivers with long battery life, reliable connectivity and Fog analytics capabilities and you make sure (as best you can) that they won’t fail before the expected range.

Talk about your “rain or sleet or snow or hail” amirite?

You deserve a medal.

Alternatively, you deserve some help and guidance into how to make that Sisyphean job a bit more manageable. With that second one, I can help.

In the IoT Solutions Expo Theatre at the IoT Evolution Expo, January 25 to 28 in Ft. Lauderdale, we will have a special presentation called Keeping the Field Connection Strong. The speakers will be Sherri McDaniel, President, ATEK Access Technologies, and Sarah Nicastro, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Field Technologies. Together they will address the challenges inherent in field-dependant businesses from oil field management to olive oil groves. They will illustrate how integrating IoT information into the workflow for the field can reduce costs, improve quality of data and increase revenue. That math checks out.

Check out the full agenda here.

And I’ll get to work on those medals.

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