Telit: The Top Stack in the DNA of Platforms for Parkeon and Weatherford

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I have written about Intel providing device management. Then I wrote about Wind River’s providing network connectivity. Now comes the hard part. Hitting for a triple. Well in this case it’s not difficult, because Telit is providing the application layer support. As Telit, says their platform allows developers to not focus on the infrastructure, but on the application. Intel, Wind River and Telit have worked to create a tight integration for the benefit of their customers making the device, network and application seamless.

Now the weird thing about the application layer is once you have tightly integrated the network, you end up going back out with the dashboard to mobile devices, desktops, internal systems and of course the cloud. This means the solutions have to have a security framework that includes elements such as

  • Encryption: Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your intellectual property with advanced data encryption technology
  • Secure Networking: Transfer your data over highly secure SSL and TLS communication frameworks
  • Session Management: Control how and when your staff login with smart-session ID and expiration timeout management
  • Permissions: Manage who is able to access which resource with role-based permissions for all your different user types
  • Authentication: Make sure the right users are accessing the right resources with real -time Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Auditing: Comprehensive auditing, monitoring and reporting
  • Validation: Leverage our powerful built-in data validation frameworks

In addition, Telit provides the path to analytics.

One point I want to make is the concept of session control. The Internet has made the transition from being strictly free moving packets to session management. The impact of this is a very different modeling of routing and security.

I think that Telit is poised with its modules and platform to be a key player in the overall implementation and management of IoT solutions for customers and partners going forward.

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