Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe.

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When Gandalf said that, he was talking about Sauron’s Ring, the Ring of Power. The One Ring. Well those of us in the IoT have our own Ring and it’s the privacy and data generated by the sensors and devices we’re deploying in the IoT.

And we need to figure out how to keep it secret, and keep it safe. The Ring Wraiths are riding out of Mordor, looking for the bearers of the Ring, and they are powerful and wily. In this metaphor, hackers are the wraiths and you are the Fellowship. And we don’t even know who Sauron is yet.

I, and the rest of the folks at IoT Evolution Expo, are Elrond and his family of elves at Rivendell. You, the Fellowship, need to stop here on your journey for guidance in how best to protect the Ring. We did a mini Security Summit at the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas last August, and you seemed to want more.

So we’re giving you a full-on Council of Elrond in the form of a three-day, full conference track focused only on IoT security.

This Security track will have sessions on:

Protecting and Defending the Edge

Device Level Security

Device Encryption

The First Layer of Security – Physical

The Core of Network Security

IoT Solutions and Wi-Fi Security

IoT Disasters and Diameter Denial of Service Attacks

APPropriate Levels of Security

SmartPhone, SmartApps, SmartSecurity

Privacy and Anonymization

The discussions will range all over, but the goal is to send you home with concrete, usable strategies to protect your company and your customers from bad actors across the world and the web.

Register now, or else.

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