Think Beyond the Connected Home

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As we ramp up for the IoT Evolution Expo, next January 25 to 28 in Ft. Lauderdale, one of the main segments of the IoT at which I’ve been looking is the Connected Home. And I’ve come to the conclusion that thinking about the Home by itself is short sighted.

We need to see farther than that.

The consumer Connected Home is important to the industry, not only because it is the place, in addition to their cars, where people spend most of their time, and therefore will have the most exposure to IoT technology, but because it can be the test bed for larger, more important implementations. By which, I mean: Smart Buildings, and then Smart Cities.

The Smart Building developer has a lot to learn from the Smart Home – especially in the arenas of security and connectivity. If it works in the small home scale, then it’s perhaps worth it to expand the case to a building, and then a city.

And that is why we’ve made the Connected Home and Building Conference so broad and comprehensive. It will focus on how controlling nearly all aspects of buildings and homes will provide meaningful functionality for consumers while also providing businesses with remote diagnostics, maintenance and analytics capabilities that will save money and drive new products.

The IoT is an ecosystem, and the Smart Living model is the use case for how that will work. Register now to get in on the discussion, ion on the action, and in on the intelligence that will make your innovations better and more profitable for your company.

If you want to get your hands nice and dirty, reach out to Matt Gleeson and get the dirt on sponsorships and exhibitor packages.

I’ll see you in the sand.

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