When Bad Things Happen to Good People in Business

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Recently some friends lost their jobs in what I would call purges.

Like Russian history these purges have more to do with being on the wrong side of a power play at the top.

Promises are made to find synergy and grow revenue at the top.

The next thing the people underneath the losers in the power play find themselves needing a new job, and its rare they can find one within the same company.

The question then is how quickly they can find new work?

For those of us at a certain age (Perhaps those of us that remember the Vietnam War), there is ageism going on.

A friend from a larger financial firm was taught that he should no longer double space after a period because it was a give away that he once used a typewriter.

Now my personal advice is to either immediately put out your consulting shingle, or find a job with an Integration firm, but many of them are also in that purging mode.

The reality is that while Wall Street is booming its not exactly based on business growth. Mark Cuban made the observation that the amount of stocks in the market is down by a third as many companies went back into the private markets, or consolidated into another company.

More synergies.

I left the my service provider past, when I could not explain to my boss that he was no longer in the research department of the company and the odds that we would survive the next purge were less than 10%. A year later he had left as well.

The point of this article is that many people who do a good job get swept up in these purges.

I offer my Linkedin account to my friends to find good fits, but I also suggest that my friends looking for help reach out to me so I can help match some of the best people I know in business.

PS: Apologies to Harold Kushner for bastardizing his title.

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