The 5 Things to Look For At CES.

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What Announcements Should we Focus on?

CES is the largest event in the US aimed at showing Consumer Electronics.  These days that includes lots of “things” from drones to wearables.  What should we expect to see pervade the marketplace after CES. What will become viral and what will be become a faint memory.  James Brehm, Mike Krell & Carl Ford discuss the opportunities and our expectations for winners and losers.

IoT can be in just about everything so finding the focus of the core parts of IoT is what Is discussed. What expectations do we have about hype, reality and products being talked about and displayed at CES in regards to IoT.

You can listen to our podcast here.

Topics include 5G, Automotive, Platforms, Security, and Smart Homes. Companies discussed in Amazon, ARM, Google, NXP, Tesla, Qualcomm, and others.


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