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SQUAN Bringing Order to the Wild Field of Dreams for Smart Cities

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I spoke with Keith Pennachio, EVP of SQUAN, about the issues facing Smart City development and it was not surprising that many of the challenges are associated with magic thinking.  Everyone wants their own gigabit connection, while not wanting the infrastructure in their own back yard.  Fortunately, SQUAN has a portfolio of strategies that make […]

It’s IoT Award Season. Do You Have What it Takes?

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The IoT Evolution Expo is coming up in just a bit more than a week, from January 25 to 28 in Ft. Lauderdale. (You’re already registered, right?) For the first time, we’ll be naming the best innovations in the IoT industry for last year, across several categories, in our Best of the IoT Awards competition. […]

The Time is Now for Smart City Planning

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We’ve got a big year coming in the IoT, don’t we? Lots of folks are making lots of big predictions, and we’ll be joining in, about what the next 12 months will mean for our developing industry. Source: The Time is Now for Smart City Planning

This Frighteningly Smart Office Building Knows Exactly What You Want, When You Want It

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Smart Cities are made up of connected networks of Smart Buildings, connected with Smart Grids and connectivity. Connections! Well, it doesn’t get much smarter than Deloitte’s new Amsterdam office. Click the link to read on, and don’t forget to register (Do it now and save $400!) for the IoT Evolution Expo collocated Connected Home and Building Conference […]