IoT Evolution Expo Blog is Here: Come and Join Us.

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Hello, folks.

Welcome to the IoT Evolution Expo Blog. I’m Ken Briodagh, editorial director for IoT Evolution, and I’ll be your host and emcee as we accelerate toward the Expo in August. Here on the blog, I’ll be bringing you breaking news about the Expo, insider info on speakers and sessions and anything else I think will interest, amuse or intrigue you.

A lot of what I’m going to do will be enticing you to join us at Caesars Palace in Vegas from August 17 to 20. IoT Evolution Expo covers connected homes and buildings, connected transportation, fog computing, analytics and data, and hands-on developer technology training. Sessions will delve into smart grid tech, supply chain implementation, driverless cars, wearables, insurance, low energy Bluetooth and dozens of other mission critical topics.

Today, we released the full IoT Evolution Expo Conference program, which will set you up with a ton of info about the event, key industry people planning to be there and how we can help you develop an IoT strategy that’s rooted in practical knowledge instead of navel-gazing or pie-in-the-sky predictions.

As a celebration of today’s agenda announcement (and because we think you’re just the greatest), you can register today and save $300.

Look, we’ve got a ton of material to come here on the blog, so visit us every Thursday for a new update. Next week, it’ll be all about our keynote speaker, Joe Gibbs, Super Bowl-winning coach, and multiple-championship-winning NASCAR team owner.

Future posts will be on our special areas of content, like IoT Security, Ecosystem Issues, Supply Chain and Logistics, Smart Grid, and more.

There’s a lot I have to tell you, and we’ve all got limited time, so that’s all for now. See you next Thursday, folks and go get registered.


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