Are you secure? Is your IoT solution safe?

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Probably not.

Look, security is one of many huge issues under discussion in the industry. The difference is that this one has the potential to make the whole thing untenable. There haven’t been any major breaches yet, but the state of the security standards (or lack thereof) is such that it’s only a matter of time, unless something changes in the way we’re developing new solutions. This should not be an afterthought.

To help you avoid doom, the IoT Evolution Expo at Caesars in Las Vegas August 17 to 20 will begin with the IoT Security Summit on Monday at noon. These three master class sessions will be Protecting and Defending the Edge, The Core of Securing Networks and Security at the Top.

These three sessions will bring you through the whole IoT and teach you how to make your solutions safer for your clients and users. At the edge, you need to defend from attacks and intrusions that could compromise personal privacy, public safety, or business viability.

The network core is the heart of your data and the middle panel will talk to the issues of deploying networks, managing ID’s and protecting the network from hackers. Finally, at the top is the BYOD minefield and we’ll help you figure out how to lock down applications so they don’t become a gateway into your enterprise.

Security is not about secrets. It’s about being prepared. Come and let our experts help you find the armor that fits you best.

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