It’s Time to Evolve to the IoT, and You’d Better Come Along

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The IoT has been developing in the shadows and growing toward the light for years now (and I’m sure we could all have quite a fun argument about how many years), but it’s time to grow up.

The IoT needs to come out of its infancy and become an adult. It needs to evolve from a simple network of machine-to-machine interfaces to a comprehensive system of communication between systems, all of which work together to make the world a safer, faster, smoother and better place.

At IoT Evolution Expo in August we’re going to do our part by giving you a chance to hear from your peers about how the IoT can grow and change and evolve. You will be able to learn from the experts in the IoT and M2M ecosystems and make contacts that will help you in your implementations in the future. Also, we’ll have demos on hand of the practical tools you’ll need to evolve your own IoT products and services to fit into the new IoT as it develops.

Developing and implementing a successful IoT strategy requires good partners, an understanding of the IoT landscape and the right hardware, software and platform solutions to fit your company’s needs.

This is going to be the beginning of a new path for your company into the future of the IoT. It’s a path being forged by Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and other tech giants because they see that the future of the IoT is bright, but only if we evolve it out of the provincial and into the universal.

Register for your conference pass to IoT Evolution today so you can get your first taste of what’s happening.



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