Joe Gibbs to Keynote IoT Evolution Expo

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The IoT is like a runaway car speeding down the highway. And that’s bad, friends.

Let me explain.

It’s fast. But nobody is holding the wheel, so it’s going to have a hard time progressing in the most logical way.

It’s fast. But it occasionally runs someone over, usually accidentally.

It’s fast. But although the car’s systems talk to each other pretty well, folks outside the car are going to have a hard time figuring out what’s going on inside the wall.

It’s fast. But it will run out of gas pretty soon if it doesn’t fill up, and the tires will wear out, and it’s going to need an oil change if it manages to run long enough.

It’s fast. But that’s not enough to be sustainable.

Instead, we need to guide the IoT to develop in such a manner that it runs more like a NASCAR stock car. That way, it would be fast, but under the control of a skilled driver who can keep it on the track and safe for race fans. It would be fast, but its systems would be interconnected with the pit crew and crew chief and even the other cars on the track so that it and the people inside it can tell if the systems need repair or maintenance, or if the car needs gas or tires or oil.

More security, more regulation, more information. And that’s good, friends.

Enter Joe Gibbs, who will be a featured keynote speaker at the IoT Evolution Expo. He is a Super Bowl-winning former NFL team owner, and currently owner of the three-time NASCAR championship team Joe Gibbs Racing and he knows how powerful information management in the IoT is when you’re trying to run a complicated system.

At the Expo, he’ll be talking about how his team transports itself all over the country in an organized fashion using M2M solutions. More than that, he’ll talk about how those lessons apply to the development of the larger IoT in an organized and strategic way.

These are important lessons, applicable to the real solutions you are developing to the IoT’s real challenges. Register now, so you don’t miss it.


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