My Connected House, is a Very Very Very Fine House

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I am neither Crosby, Stills, Nash nor Young, so I apologize for the headline, but it still fits. Connected home is coming. It’s the most consumer-facing segment of the IoT. Even connected car is more invisible because many consumers don’t know or don’t care that their cars have telematics, let alone how to access them.

Most of the IoT is for the companies right now. You want the data, the tracking reports, the sensors, the telemetries and the efficiencies. Consumers don’t care, as long as their power gets cheaper (or at least doesn’t go up) and their cars get safer.

No, the buzz is in color-changing, super-efficient light bulbs folks can control from their phones, garage doors that open when mom’s driving up the street and thermostats that know it’s too hot in the bedroom and too cold in the bathroom and takes care of it. They also want security – for their stuff, their data and their privacy.

If the IoT is going to get mass-market acceptance, it needs to get the base consumers excited. Early adopters and technology freaks (Hello, friends!) are not who I’m talking about here. The regular people who still don’t care about electric cars, the late adopters, the majorities: these are the people who need to get excited about M2M technology if the industry is ever going to become scalable outside of the B2B and industrial space.

And the way to do that is to hit them at home. Where they live. Literally.

Which is why I am issuing a challenge. Bring it. Show us what you’ve got. Come to the IoT Evolution Expo in August at Caesars and bring your best gear, your most futuretastic gadget, your pure, unadulterated awesomesauce for the connected home. And show it off on our demo stage. We’ll have media there. Your peers will be there. The world will be watching, and you need to get them to watch you. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, email me or my colleague Matt Gleeson and we’ll get make it happen.

The IoT is counting on you. My parents need carpets that will tell me that they haven’t taken their heart pills, and they won’t buy them if you don’t get it in the news.

So bring it on. If you’ve got what it takes.

See you in Vegas.

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