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Have you ever been to a country fair? You know the kind: where there’s a midway on one side, full of carnival rides and the faint smell of cabbage, and an animal ring on the other side, with the not-at-all-faint smell of horse apples. Well someplace between the two there’s usually a tent or other area where the only real smell is money.

This is the home of the pitch man. He hawks his wares, making promises and guarantees for all he’s worth; looking to sell a better knife, or a combination hookah and coffeemaker that also makes julienne fries. It’s one of the oldest and purest forms of salesmanship, and these in-person methods still earn some of the highest ROI rates among sales techniques, which is why products use them.

Home shopping networks make millions on this principle, as does every business that has ever invested in an industry trade show. The secret is that the words and the promises do not close the sales, they’re just window dressing, and designed to attract the crowd. No, the sale happens when the product comes out and the pitch man shows what it can do: the Demo.

We’ve all been to trade shows where so many of the booths are just packed with literature, brand ambassadors and displays. And no people. And we’ve also seen the booth that is almost impossible to get into. What’s the difference? The pitch. The demo.

Why every exhibitor and sponsor doesn’t make this a part of their strategy is truly baffling.

Well, the exhibitors at IoT Evolution Expo don’t have to make that mistake. They have the chance to gather up the entire audience of the show and demo their newest, hottest and most revolutionary IoT solutions on our Demo stage.

And our attendees get a unique shot at seeing those products in action. Proof that they work, in person, and with no tricks. Valuable stuff.

The only way to be one of those pitching companies is to be an exhibitor. We still have a few spots left – but they’re getting booked up fast. And the only way to see what’s going to be demoed is to be an attendee or an exhibitor. And those slots are flying away, too.

We’ve only got a bit more than a month to go before show time, so now’s the time to act. Don’t be the one company in your vertical that isn’t showing off their solution. And don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on the next tool that might revolutionize your business.

See you in Vegas, my friends. August 17 to 20, at Caesars Palace. I’ll be looking for your booth, and writing about your demo.

Unless you don’t have what it takes.

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