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I’m coming to you with a repeat topic, friends, but don’t worry: I have new information.

Look. You have an idea. It’s a big idea, or a revolutionary process, or a key component that will speed or smooth a technological innovation.

No matter what your IoT idea is, you need to get it out there and the time to do it is now. AT&T is calling for you to “audition” your idea to them at the IoT Evolution Expo for a shot at a $10,000 first prize, or $5,000 in funding for second prize. How much could a prize like that change your business? Probably a lot.

More than the money, however, the real transformative property of AT&T’s Fast Pitch competition is your chance to put your best work in front of the executives at AT&T and the other big companies at the Expo that will be present at Fast Pitch. All applicants will get personal feedback from our AT&T executives.

Criteria for winning will be: Functionality to the Internet of Things, Originality of the idea, and Business value/ROI. It costs nothing to enter, except that you didn’t take a huge opportunity to grow your business.

So, here’s what to do:
1) Gather up you most innovative idea that uses the IoT to solve a problem.

2) Submit your idea.

3) Have a three minute pitch ready to go.

4) Come down to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on August 17 from Noon to 2 p.m. and pitch your idea.

Don’t miss it.

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