A Foggy Day in Vegas Town

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Fog Computing is an interesting animal. It’s new-ish to the IoT industry, but it’s probably making bigger waves than any other innovation rolling in, since the cloud itself.

The proof is in the market itself. Cisco, which recently signed on as a Diamond sponsor of the IoT Evolution Expo Fog Computing conference, is making big investments in Fog and the folks over at Cisco don’t make moves in bad businesses.

More interesting is the question of why it’s such a fast-growing segment of the IoT ecosystem. I think this one is a matter of instant gratification. For Big Datasets, sending packets to the cloud for analysis over time and at a later date makes total sense, and produces actionable intelligence that reflects trends and behavior metrics. But, when real-time action is needed, this process is far too slow. Instead, decisions and predictions about possible problems need to be made out at the edge, where the cloud gets “foggy” and enterprises can get at mission-critical alerts.

The slogan for Fog should be: Get the right info, right now, right when you need it. Check out some of the newest news about developments in the Fog on our Fog channel at IoT Evolution World.

We’re going to be exploring these ideas and issues, and more importantly, how your company can take best advantage of the power of the Fog to gain competitive advantage when we get to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for IoT Evolution Expo, August 17 to 20.

Register now to join us in the desert and see if we can’t make the Fog work for us.

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