Let’s Put on a Show

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Everyone loves a good show, right?

There’s a flavor for every taste. Into art: go for Shakespeare or Mamet. Into spectacle: try Cirque du Soleil or Blue Man Group. Into magic: Penn & Teller or Mack King. Into the IoT: Try IoT Evolution Theatre.

The secret to building a good show is to tell a story that the audience can care about, and be entertained by. Well, in our Theatre, we’ll be bringing you both, thanks partly to our exhibitors and sponsors.

The Theatre will be down on the IoT Evolution Expo Floor, right in the thick of the action, and I encourage you to pencil in several of the shows. There will be exclusive, large-format interactive content, dozens of in-depth technology demos, successful deployment case studies and in a special treat, an inside look at the winners of this year’s Business Impact Awards. Finally, if you’re company is the new kid on the block, building the exciting, bleeding edge technology nobody’s seen before, you had better get into the Startup Pavilion.

Think you’ve got what it takes to tell a story your colleagues and competitors want to hear? It’s not too late. You can apply to present a case study here or to do a demo here. You can also contact Matthew Gleeson, [email protected], 203-852-6800 x145 for either option.

Think your company is just the bee’s knees? Then the business Impact Awards might be the home for you. Apply for an Award Now or contact Carl Ford, [email protected] 239-395-1770.

To get into the IoT Startup Pavilion and show that you are one of the hottest IoT & M2M startups on the Strip, apply to participate here or contact Matthew Gleeson, [email protected], 203-852-6800 x145

See you backstage.

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