It’s Getting’ Cold Chain in Here, So Get on All Your IoT

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Wow. Even I have to admit that headline was a stretch. But the essence stands: IoT technology has a ton to offer the cold chain logistics folks. Pharma, food, photographs and certain chemical supplies all have to be shipped very carefully, and at extremely specific temperatures – below ambient.

Maintaining and monitoring those temps is hard work, and slows down the time-sensitive process while increasing costs and shrinking profit margins. M2M communications can enable companies involved in the cold supply chain to remotely monitor shipping containers and vessels, adjust cooling systems if needed, and send out repair crews, all without the intervention of a person.

Information, control and command: all within the reach of a supplier, manufacturer or end user that knows how to implement and leverage the power of the IoT.

Not sure if you do?

Then get to the IoT Evolution Expo, August 17 to 20 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. There will be an entire track focused on the strategies involved in executing M2M technology, not to mention the keynotes and other attendees that are ready and eager to lend you advice, or a helping hand.

Register now. You need this, because without it your business might as well be shipping in ice blocks from Saskatchewan.

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