Mission Impossible: You Don’t get to Choose

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Hello, Mr. (or Ms.) Hunt. You mission is to learn how to secure your IoT solutions. You don’t have the choice about whether to accept this mission. You need to do it for the good of your customers, for the success of your company and for the healthy growth of the industry in general.

This message will not self-destruct, but if you ignore it, your business just might.

All kidding aside, there is no silver bullet to mitigate the security flaws inherent in the essence of the IoT: a network of things that is approaching 5 billion connected devices. The best way to position yourself and your company to be ready for the unpredictable threats to security is knowledge, and the best way to get it is at the IoT Evolution Expo.

We have outlined a whole track of the conference to help you recognize the IoT’s biggest security flaws and what measures you need to take to overcome them, get educated on a wide variety of security solutions that will protect your IoT devices and systems, find best practices in building security solutions that incorporate new device encryption methods and ways to protect personal devices.

The session list is robust and covers a wide range of basic knowledge areas and advanced technical skills needed to succeed here.

They are:
Protecting and Defending the Edge
Device Level Security
Device Encryption
The First Layer of Security – Physical
The Core of Network Security
IoT Solutions and Wi-Fi Security
IoT Disasters and Diameter Denial of Service Attacks
APPropriate Levels of Security
SmartPhone SmartApps SmartSecurity
Privacy and Anonymization

So, join us in our Mission (not)Impossible to secure the IoT and become part of the IMF:IoT.