IoT Events: The Matchmakers of Industry Success

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.” The girls in the little fictional town of Anatevka featured in the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” were asking Yente the town matchmaker to find them good husbands who are too fat, or too poor, or too mean. Well, in this partnership economy of the IoT, companies need good matchmakers even more than those teen girls did. And where, you ask, can one find such a matchmaker? A good place to start is at an true industry-focused IoT event. I was at the PTX Thingworx conference in Boston this week, Liveworx, and one of the things that most impressed me, in addition to the great exhibit hall design, killer keynotes and motivated partners, was the buzz of new deals happening all over the show, on the expo floor, in the restaurants and over drinks, as folks talked about their challenges needs and how they could help each other grow and succeed. It was really exciting to watch. Although that great event is past, there is another opportunity for you to make a strategic match with a partner company that isn’t too fat or too poor, and you’ll find that opportunity at the IoT Evolution Expo, coming up in just a few weeks, July 11 to 14 at Caesars palace in Las Vegas. There, dozens of exhibitors, hundreds of delegate companies and thousands of your peers will be looking for you and your company in order to make a good match. Not just as customers, but as partners that will help each other grow into marriages of unified purpose, hopefully lasting for many years. I hope I’m not straining the metaphor too hard here, but the shoe certainly fits. I invite you to carefully consider the pain points that your customers are feeling, and the challenges you face in growing your business. Once you’ve done that, it is quite possible that you’ll see a strategic partnership is the answer to those problems. Come to the IoT Evolution Expo as an attendee or a sponsor and get access to the hottest Yente in the IoT. L’chaim!