Anaqua: Finding the Blue Ocean in a Sea of Red Tape

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In case you don’t know the reference, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne wrote the book on making sure you are not chasing innovation in a market that is already crowded (Red Oceans) and how to find the strategy that leads to innovation and new opportunities.

Speaking with Karen Taylor the general manager of Asia Pacific at Anaqua. We discussed the issues facing companies in capitalizing on their intellectual property and how to determine if there are outside resources.

Many parent companies have formed joint ventures between that look to combine their resources to innovate and find the “blue ocean.” Often the synergy is hard to create because of the all the disparate systems involved. Anaqua takes all the docketing applications, document management systems, file shares, collaboration tools and rationalizes them for analysis and reporting.

One recently formed company is Johnson Controls – Hitachi Appliances, which is focused on Industrial Air Conditioning, and other environmental industrial controls. After the joint venture was formed they brought in Anaqua to help manage their Intellectual Property and processes. Anaqua’s systems manage secure data access and enable companies to gain perspective on the value of their Intellectual Property.

As stated in the press release;

“With a global IP portfolio that expands throughout Asia, Europe and America, Johnson Controls–Hitachi needed a single, global multi-lingual IP management system,” said Karen Taylor, General Manager of Asia Pacific at Anaqua. “Our solution will provide them with the increased efficiency and the data access and control they have been looking for.”

Johnson Controls–Hitachi will use the ANAQUA platform to manage patents and trademarks and their ongoing stream of new inventions. They will also utilize Anaqua’s system for invoicing, cost-tracking and ‘WorkSpaces’, which combine analytics, content, tools and tasks in one ‘WorkSpace’ providing at-a-glance strategic insights for informed portfolio decision-making.

I asked Karen to comment in general about whether companies are too inward or outward.

Her answer was that in most cases companies are too inward facing. After a company has normalized their data they can utilize Anaqua systems to search the patent offices around the world to view patents already issued to discover licensing opportunities and ways to accelerate the opportunity to sail into a blue ocean.
Karen Taylor is the General Manager of Asia Pacific of Anaqua. In this role, she leads all business development across Asia Pacific and strengthens Anaqua’s growing portfolio of client accounts. Based in Hong Kong, Karen will manage personnel across the region and drive sales and marketing activities and strategic partnerships in Asia Pacific. Karen joins Anaqua with over 15 years of experience in the online information and data industry across Europe and Asia. She previously served as an Executive Director with LexisNexis Asia and as a Director with Thomson Reuters.

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