The 5 Things to Look For At CES.

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What Announcements Should we Focus on? CES is the largest event in the US aimed at showing Consumer Electronics.  These days that includes lots of “things” from drones to wearables.  What should we expect to see pervade the marketplace after CES. What will become viral and what will be become a faint memory.  James Brehm, Mike […]

Don’t Worry Be Forecasts.

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I receive Business Insider’s IoT Briefing curated news in my email. They always have interesting headlines and sometimes I think they have a sense of humor. Peter Newman’s curation today had the irony of these warring charts. The first was talking about the Smart Home lock company Otto that has lost its funding and leaves […]

Puerto Rico: Self EmPOWERed with Micro Grids

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It’s embarrassing how much need there is in the world and particularly when the need seems to be overwhelming. I received a call from Bradley Hook, VP of the Startup Societies Foundation about a Conference they are running on behalf of the Foundation for Puerto Rico on January 19th and 20th at Georgetown. Puerto Rico’s […]

IoT The S Is For Security

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That is a common joke from friends in and out of the IoT industry, and personally I consider it a deflection from the troubles of Equifax, Uber, etc. These are cases where the back end systems were attacked and not some sensor or module that represented the breach. Now don’t get me wrong we have […]

Why IoT is Worth the IT Risk?

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A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies on behalf of the Wall Street Journal by Korn / Ferry International discovered that the average compensation for CIO’s has gone from 1.9M two years ago to 2.6M. However, the compensation at risk has gone up by 68%. If you have talked to CIO’s the risk reward strategy […]

Telit: The Top Stack in the DNA of Platforms for Parkeon and Weatherford

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I have written about Intel providing device management. Then I wrote about Wind River’s providing network connectivity. Now comes the hard part. Hitting for a triple. Well in this case it’s not difficult, because Telit is providing the application layer support. As Telit, says their platform allows developers to not focus on the infrastructure, but […]

Gemalto Takes Security in NB-IoT a level further with Huawei’s HiSilicon

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If there is a trend I am getting to see right now, it’s the fact that IoT is gaining Scalability by being integrated into the silica, Reach with Huawei’s Narrowband IoT modules, and Security thanks to Gemalto. I spoke with Andreas Haegele about the partnership with Huawei’s HiSilicon semiconductor company. The partnership is aimed at […]